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Press Photograph (1943)
Arial view, B-17 bombing German aircraft factory, Meaulte, France
13th May 1943
Vintage Silver Gelatin Print
10 x 8 ins / 26 x 20 cms
Press caption label
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Additional Information

US Official Photograph No US 68.XL

Distributed by The Ministry of Information

US Air Force Heavies Blast Nazi Aircraft Works at Méaulte, France

"One of the heaviest concentration of bombs ever delivered against a single target the the US Eighth Air Force" was the official description of this raid by American heavy bombers on an important aircraft works at Méaulte in France on the afternoon of May 13 (1943) . Picture shows ‘During’

This picture made from a Flying Fortress at the height of the attack shows Nazi airframe factory and repair shops all but obscured by the smoke and flame of bursting bombs. The aiming point is shown near the centre of the bomb concentration. The large white patched near to the target are clouds.

See ‘After’ photograph US70 for annotations of damage done.