Esther Frieberg ~ Parisian Scene

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  • Esther Frieberg ~ Parisian Scene
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Esther Frieberg (1919-2010)
Parisian Scene with Cat and Dog
Linoprint (15/35)
Inscribed 'Eget Tryck' (Own Print)
Signed 'Gunnel Friberg'
12 x 14 ins / 30 x 35 cms
Additional Works
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Additional Information

Esther Gunnel Margareta Frieberg was born in Malmö on 16th September 1919. She was a Swedish sculptor and printmaker.

Frieberg attended the Zadigs Sculpture School (Zadigs Skulpturskola) in Malmö in 1936 - where she studied under the Swedish sculptor Erik Grate (1896-1983) and Otte Sköld's (Otte Skölds målarskola) painting school in Stockholm in 1937.

In 1938, Frieberg was awarded the Leander Engström Scholarship to study printmaking under Harald Sallberg (1895-1963) at the Konstakademien (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) design school in Stockholm. In 1939 Frieberg travelled to Denmark where she studied under Henry Luckow-Nielsen (1902-1992) in Copenhagen, returning to Stockholm in 1940 to study Sculpture at the Konstakademien (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) sculpture school.

Frieberg first exhibited prints and drawings in Stockholm in 1939. In 1942 she exhibited with (her husband) the painter Felix Hatz (1904-1999) in Gothenburg, with Beth Zeeh (1911-2004) in Norrköping in 1945 and with Lars Norman (1915-1979) in Uppsala in 1946.

Frieberg participated in the Bumerangen (Boomerang) group exhibitions held at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm (1945 and 1957) and was for many years involved in the National Museum's exhibition 'Unga tecknareĀ’ (Young artists) and a the Swedish General Art Association (Sveriges allmänna Konstförening) and Skåne Art (Skånes konstförening).

In 1949, Frieberg moved to Björkhagen, Stockholm where she lived and worked until 2004

Examples if Frieberg's work are held in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Muséet) in Stockholm, the Gothenburg and Norrköping Art Museums and the Helsingborgs museum.

Her public works (sculptures and reliefs) include: Gytte (1949, Stockholm), Den Mexikanska Stolen (The Mexican chair) (1967, Flen), Karusell (Carousel) (1972, Söderköping), Jannika (1976, Eksjö), Jannica och dockvagnen (Jannica and pram) Stockholm, St. Thora (1973, Stockholm), Sillagumma (1980, Malmö), Vågen av Östersjön (The wave of the Baltic Sea) (1983, Malmö) and Pingvin med urge (Penguin with cub) (Löwenströmska Hospital, Väsby)

Gunnel Frieberg died in Stockholm in 2010, aged 90.