Sven Ljungberg ~ Woodcut

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  • Sven Ljungberg ~ Woodcut
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  • Sven Ljungberg ~ Woodcut alternative image

Sven Ljungberg (1913-2010)
Untitled Construction Scene
Woodcut (32/310)
Signed 'Sven Ljungberg'
12 x 5 ins / 32 x 13 cms
Additional Works
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Additional Information

Sven Birger Ljungberg was born in Ljungby, Småland on 15th December 1913. He was a Swedish Printmaker, painter and designer.

Ljungberg attended the Technical School (Tekniska Skolan), Stockholm (1932-1934) and the Academy of Fine Arts (Konstakademien), Stockholm (1934-1939) where he studied under the Swedish painters Olle Hjortsberg (1872-1959) and Otte Sköld (1894-1958). From 1940 to 1943 Ljungberg attended the Academy's etching school (Etsningsskolan) under Harald Sallberg (1895-1963). It was here that he met the artist Ann Margret Dahlquist (1915-2002). They married in 1942.

Ljungberg travelled extensively throughout Europe and exhibited widely throughout Scandinavia. He first exhibited in Stockholm (1942) - Other notable exhibitions include Färg och Form, Stockholm (1948, 1951 and 1956); Småland's Museum, Växjo (1944 and 1952), County Museum, Jönköping (1956). Group exhibitions include 'Fem år Svensk Konst' (Five Years Swedish Art), Liljevalch's Konsthall, Stockholm (1945); with the Nordic Art Association, Oslo (1946), Copenhagen (1949) and Rome (1955) and an exhibition of Swedish Books, Paris (1948)

Ljungberg served as Director of Konsthögskolan (Royal University College of Fine Arts), Stockholm (1972-1978) and subsequently as the school's Rector (1978-1981). In the late 1970s, Ljungberg designed the certificates for the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, and Economics.

Examples of Ljungberg's works are held in the collections of Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) and Nationalmuseum (National Museum) in Stockholm; the museums in Växjö, Kalmar and Jönköping and the British Museum, London. There is a museum (Ljungbergmuseet) dedicated to his works in this home town of Ljungby.

Sven Ljungberg died in Italy on 28th July 2010, aged 96.


Färg och Form (Colour and Shape) Gallery

Färg och Form was an exhibition space in Stockholm where artists were able to sell their works directly to buyers. Establised in 1932 by fourteen painters and sculptors, the original group included Bror Hjorth, Vera Nilsson, Sven Erixson and Gunnar Svenson. The gallery was named after the acclaimed (1913) overview of modern painting by the Swedish writer and critic August Brunius (1879-1926). In April 1935 the gallery was reported to the police for 'the wounding of discipline and morality'. The Gallery closed, after 70 years, in June 2002.