Edward Hald - Flintware Bowl

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  • Edward Hald - Flintware Bowl
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Edward Hald (1883-1980)
Flintware Bowl
Produced by Rörstrand
Stamped '(Three Crowns) Rörstrand Dessin Hald'
4 x 9.5 ins / 11 x 25 cms


Additional Information

Edward Hald was born in Stockholm on 17th September 1883. He was a Swedish sculptor, glass artist and designer.

The son of a Norwegian father and Swedish mother, Hald lived in London for 17 years before settling in Sweden in 1900.

Hald attended painting schools in Stockholm; Copenhagen (Dorphs Målarskola); Vienna and (Académie Colarossi) in Paris. Alongside Brita Lagerström (1878-1931) he studied at Matisse's painting school in Paris (1908-1909) and had his first solo (painting) exhibition in 1914.

In 1912, Hald married the Swedish painter and potter Brita Lagerström (1878-1931). It was while sketching designs for Brita's ceramics that Hald became increasingly interested in industrial design.

In 1917, Hald was employed as a designer by both Rörstrand and Orrefors. Hald worked for the porcelain manufacturer Rörstrand and then (from 1929) Karlskrona Porslinsfabrik, but it was at the glassworks Orrefors that he truly excelled (1917-1978)

Examples of Edward Hold's designs are held in the collection of the British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum, London; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio.

Edward Hald died on 4th July 1980, aged 96.