Maja Fjaestad ~ Björkhänge

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  • Maja Fjaestad ~ Björkhänge
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Maja Fjaestad (1873-1961)
Signed 'Maja Fjaestad'
6 x 4.5 ins / 15 x 12 cms
Original frame
Additional Works
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Additional Information

Maja Fjæstad (Kerstin Maria "Maja" Fjæstad) nee Hallen, was born in Hörby, southern Sweden on 30th May 1873. She was a Swedish artist and craftsman.

Fjæstad originally trained as a painter - She first attended art school (in Landskrona) at the age of 11, and in 1897, and at the age of 24, the Swedish Artists' Association exhibited her portraits throughout Sweden and in London to great acclaim. It is for her textiles, weaving, embroidery, prints and woodcuts that she is best known.

Maja married the artist Gustaf Fjæstad (1868-1948) in 1898 and together they established the Rackstad (Rackstadgruppen) group of artists and craftsmen in Värmland, Sweden. Other members include the sculptor Christian Eriksson (1858-1935) and the artists Fritz Lindstrom (1874-1962) and Björn Ahlgrensson (1872-1918). Maja Fjæstad always championed Värmland handicraft and in 1922 founded the Arvika Crafts (Arvika Konsthantverk) - an association which sells the work of Arvika's craftsmen.