Randi Kjerstad Bull ~ Woodcut

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  • Randi Kjerstad Bull ~ Woodcut
  • Randi Kjerstad Bull ~ Woodcut alternative image
  • Randi Kjerstad Bull ~ Woodcut alternative image

Randi Kjerstad Bull (1915-2015)
Winter Sun
Woodcut (14/30)
12 x 15 ins / 30 x 37 cms


Additional Information

Randi Kjekstad Bull (nee Kjekstad) was born on 10th January 1915 in Røyken, Norway. She was a Norwegian / American Printmaker.

Kjekstad Bull's family moved to USA just after she was born. In 1935 Randi met John Storm Bull, and they were married in New York on 11th September 1937.

Kjekstad Bull studied printmaking in the 1950s at the Art Students League of New York (West 57th Street, Manhattan) where she studied under the renowned American painter and printmaker Harold Sternberg (1904-2011), with Antonio Frasconi (1919-2013) at Pratt Graphics Centre in Brooklyn. Kjekstad Bull also studied painting and graphics at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and at the National Academy in New York City.

She has also worked with Japanese printmakers including Shiko Munakata and Junichiro Sekino, both of whom gave her instruction in using traditional Japanese woodcut tools.

Kjekstad Bull had numerous solo shows and exhibitions both in the US and in Europe. Her artwork is also shown in permanent collections of American printmakers in the United States Embassies in London, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Addis Ababa, San Salvador and Honduras. Four of her colour woodcuts where purchased by the U.S. State Department as official gifts to Lyndon B. Johnson on his goodwill trip to Scandinavia in 1963 as Vice president.

Randi Kjekstad Bull died in Connecticut on 3rd May 2015, aged 100.