Elvin Larsson 1913-1995

Elvin Martin Allan Larsson was born in Malmo on 12th May 1913. He was a Swedish painter and draftsman.

Larsson studied briefly at the Skåne painting school (Skånska målarskolan) in Malmo (1934-35) and was an assistant to the french painter Marcel Gromaire (1892-1971) in Paris for a year in 1939.

Larsson travelled to Norway (1935), France (1939, 1948-49) and Finland (1945). In 1945 he married the painter Inga Elisabeth Johansson (1927-2005).

Larsson’s solo exhibitions include Malmö Rådhus (Malmo Town Hall) and Landskrona (1944), at the prestigious Galleri Gummesons in Stockholm (1947) and at the Malmö Museum (1953).

In 1956, Larsson exhibited with his wife and Gunnar Norrman (1912-2005) at the newly founded Lomma art association (Lomma konstförening). Other group exhibitions include the Skåne Art Association Exhibitions (regularly from 1936), the National Association of Fine Arts exhibition ‘Ung Svensk Konst’ (Young Swedish Art) in Denmark (1946) and the Nordic Art Association's exhibition ‘Nordisk Konst’ (Nordic Art) at the Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm (1947). In 1948, Larsson was awarded a Skåne Art Association travel grant (Skånes Konstförenings Resestipendium).

Examples of Larsson’s work are held in the collections of the Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) and National Museum in Stockholm and the Malmö Museum. He was a member of Skåne Artist Club (Skånska konstnärsklubben) and the Artists Nationwide Organization (Konstnärernas riksorganisation).

Elvin Larsson died in 1995, aged 82.