Stig Kjellin 1914-1979

Stig Rudolf Kjellin was a Swedish painter - Primarily of coastal and city landscapes.

Kjellin was born in Borås, southern Sweden, in 1914. He studied briefly at the Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm between 1923 and 1924, but otherwise he was self-taught.

Kjellin's first solo exhibition was at the Borås Art Museum (Borås Konstmuseum) in 1943. He then exhibited at the Galerie Moderne 'Modern konst i Hemmiljö' (Modern Art in the Home) exhibition in Stockholm in 1944 and at the Lorensbergs art salon (Lorensbergs konstsalong) in Gothenburg in 1945 (and again in 1955). He exhibited in Malmö in 1947 and then at Gummesons Konsthall (Gummeson Gallery) in Stockholm in 1949 and 1955 as then again at Borås Art Museum in 1956. (Gummesons Gallery is one Scandinavia's foremost contemporary art galleries. Launched in 1912 by Carl Gummeson, a local book dealer, it quickly forged a reputation for supporting Modern Art).

Kjellin travelled throughout Europe, many of his Landscapes were painted in Italy and Spain (Ibiza). Examples of Kjellin's work can be seen at the Borås Art Association collections (Borås Konstförenings Samlingar), Borås City Hall.

Kjellin died in 1979, aged 65.

Stig Kjellin