Jules Schyl 1893-1977

Born on 12th December 1893 in Copenhagen, Jules Schyl was a painter, printmaker and draftsman.

Jules Schyl attended both the Althin Painting School and Technical School in Stockholm between 1913-14 and then trained as an art teacher (1914-17) at the Technical School's Senior Art & Design school. During this period, Schyl made many study trips to Germany. In 1917 he went to Copenhagen and studied for two years at the Royal Danish Academy.

In the early 1920s Schyl ran an art school in Lund, southern Sweden and during the holidays continued his study trips abroad. These included France and Italy in 1921, Dresden in 1922 and Spain in 1924

In 1924, together with other Skåne painters and sculptors, Schyl became a member of the southern Swedish modernist Group 'De tolv' (The Twelve) which contributed to the Skåne breakthrough of modernism between 1924 and 1934. Several members of the group had been studying for the French artist André Lhote in Paris in 1912. The other members of 'De tolv' were Albert Abbe, Svante Bergh, Tora Vega Holmström, Johan Johansson, Emil Johanson-Thor, Ivar Johnsson, Anders Jönsson, Nils Möllerberg, Emil Olsson, Pär Siegård and ,Jürgen Wrangel. A collection of the 'De tolv' works can be found at the the Malmö Konstmuseum.

In 1928, Schyl was instrumental in forming the Artist's group and society 'Aura'.

Schyl works are held in the collections of several museums and art collections, including The National Museum, Malmö Museum, Lund University's collections, Helsingborgs and Tomelilla museums.