Ivar Morsing 1919-2009

Hans Gustaf Ivar Morsing was born in 1919 in Ängelholm, Sweden. He was the son of the artist Leopold Morsing (1887-1971) and Edith Johansson. The family moved to Stockholm in 1923.

Morsing first studied art at the summer schools held by Swedish designer and artist Edvin Ollers (1888-1959). At the outbreak of war in 1939, Morsing was conscripted into the Swedish army, but as Sweden's neutrality developed he was one of the first students to attended Gösta and Irma Bergh's Technical School of Advertising (which later became Berghs School) between 1940-1941 were he studied decorative arts, design, life drawing, and illustration. This was then followed by a year with the Modenist painter Isaac Grünewald (1889-1946) at the school he founded in 1941 following his departure as professor at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts.

After the war, Morsing first travelled to Denmark followed quickly by two year-long painting trips to France and Italy.

In 1946 Morsing exhibited at Elsa Lindström's 'Modern Konst i Hemmiljö' (Modern art in the home) on Strandvägen in Stockholm. Established in 1939, the salon exhibited the work of young artists in various locations around Stockholm for almost 70 years.

Morsing then travelled to Italy (1947), France and Tunisia (1950-51) and exhibited once again at 'Modern Konst i Hemmiljö' in 1952. Morsing then visited Paris in 1953, before embarking on a motorcycle tour of Portugal, Spain and Morocco in 1954.

Morsing exhibited in Skövde (1952); Kalmar Museum (1953 and 1955); Jonköpings Museum (1956), Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (1961) and (from 1944) regularly with the Swedish Public Art Association (Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening) and was a member of Konstnärsklubben (Artist's Club) in Stockholm

In the late 1960's he traveled to the United States and Central America. Throughout Morsing's life he always returned to Källholm (were his family had a farm) and Stockholm.

Examples of Morsing's works are held in the collections of Moderna Museet, Stockholm and museums in Kalmar and Jönköpings.

Ivar Morsing died on 5th December 2009, aged 90 years old.

Ivar Morsing