Martin Säflund 1894-1976

Lars Martin Säflund was born in Uppsala on 20th August 1894. He was a Swedish artist.

Säflund attended the Technical school in Uppsala (1918) and first exhibited in 1925. Säflund then studied at the British School at Rome (1926-27) and (in 1929) with the German artist Sigmund Lipinsky (1973-1940). Säflund repeatedly returned to Italy during his lifetime.

In 1929 Martin Säflund married the artist Svea Säflund (née Andersson) (1906-1995)

Säflund regularly had solo exhibitions in Uppsala and had a retrospective there in 1964. He exhibited with Wilhelm Matton in Gävle (1938) and Andreas Björkman in Lund (1946). Säflund also often participated in the Upland's Art Association's (Uplands konstförenings) salons between 1934 and 1944.

Examples if Säflund works are held at the Gävle museum, the Upland's Art Association and The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Italy

Martin Säflund died in Uppsala on 13th June 1976, aged 81.

Martin Säflund