Esaias Thorén 1901-1981

Theodor Esaias Thorén was born on 9th November 1901 in Halmstad. He was a Swedish painter, sculptor and designer.

In 1925, Thorén studied under the Swedish artist Carl Wilhelmsson (1866-1928) in Stockholm before travelling to Paris in 1926. He was one of the founder member of the Halmstad Group (Halmstadgruppen), an artist collective founded in 1929. Other members included Sven Jonson, Waldemar Lorentzon, Stellan Marner and the brothers Axel and Erik Olson.

In the early 1920s Thorén painted in a post-cubist style and increasingly incorporated surrealist themes. By the late 1920s Thorén's work become became more geometric and abstract as he became more involved with the avant-garde group of 'Art Concret' artists in Paris.

In 1930 Thorén participated in the Art Concret exhibition ‘International Utställning av Postkubistisk KonstÂ’ (International Exhibition of Post-Cubist Art). Held in Stockholm, it was organised by the Swedish avant-garde artist and art critic Otto Gustaf Carsund (1897-1948).

Thorén exhibited extensively throughout Sweden until 1965.

Examples of Thorén work are held in the collections of the Moderna Muséet (Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm; Gothenburg Art Museum; Malmö Museum; Gävle, Örebro and Halmstad Museums; the Institut Tessin (also known as the Centre Culturel Suédois - a museum in Paris dedicated to the history of Franco-Swedish works); the National Gallery of Oslo and National Gallery of Art, New York.

Thorén died on 23rd September 1981, aged 79.