Thure Thörn 1918-2005

Thure Waldemar Thörn was born on 21st September 1918 in Malmö. He was a Swedish sculptor.

Thörn initially trained, and worked for ten years, as a stucco worker in his father's art foundry producing decorative (ceiling) plaster works before attending the Skånska Målarskolan in Malmo (1936-1938) where he studied painting - exhibiting with the Blandningen group in Malmö in 1938.

Thörn then attended the Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design), Stockholm (1944-1947) where he studied under the Swedish sculptor and artist Robert Nilsson (1894-1980).

As a sculptor, Thörn first exhibited in 1944 at the Skåne Art Association's Autumn Salon (Skånes konstförenings) in Malmö. Thörn continued to exhibited annually at this Autumn Salon until 1966. Other group exhibitions include 'Exposéhallen', Malmö (1948) and 'Skulptur i Natur' (Sculpture in Nature), Båstad (1955) and the Swedish General Art Association's spring salon (1956) and 'Nutida Svensk Skulptur' (Contemporary Swedish Sculpture) (1966) at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm.

Thörn had a major solo exhibition at SDS-hallen, Malmö in 1954. From 1952, Thörn produced numerous public works. Notable examples include 'Keramikreliefer' (Ceramic Relief), 1952, Korsörvägen 23 A-B, Malmö; 'Familjen' (The Family), 1962, Malmö; 'Passionsblomman' (The Passion Flower), 1963, Fridhemstorget, Malmö; 'Tackling', 1969, Malmö; 'Vattenlek', 1972, Eslöv and 'Gestalt' (Figure), 1990, Trelleborg.

Examples of his works are also held in the collections of Malmö Museum, Moderna Muséet, Stockholm.

Thure Thörn died Malmö on 17th February 2005, aged 87.

Thure Thörn