Gerda Ljungstedt 1860-1942

Gerda Amalia Molin Ljungstedt was born in Stockholm on 10th December 1860. She was a Swedish portrait painter.

Gerda was the daughter of the Swedish sculptor Johan Peter Molin (1814-1873) and Emma Amalia Erhardina Broberg.

Gerda studied painting privately under the Swedish painter Johan August Malmström (1829-1901) while he was a professor of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm (1867-1894). She then continued her studies in Paris (1883) and then London. In 1903 she married Major Kristian Georg Ljungstedt.

Gerda exhibited at the annual Swedish Artists' Association (Svenska Konstnärernas Förening) exhibitions in Stockholm between 1901 and 1911.

Gerda Ljungstedt died in Hölö, southern Sweden in 1942, aged 81.