Hans Sture Larsson 1910-1973

Hans Sture Larsson was born in Malmö on 25th May 1910. He was a Swedish painter and designer.

Larsson attended Märta of Ekenstam Painting School (Märta af Ekenstams målarskola), Malmö (1923-24), Malmö Technical Academy (Tekniska yrkesskolan) (1927-30) and Skånska Painting School (Skånska målarskolan) (1931). He then worked in Copenhagen 1928-37.

Solo exhibitions include Galerie Moderne, Stockholm (1937), Malmö Museum (1938 and 1941), Stenmans Dotter (Stenmans Daughter) - the gallery of the writer and art dealer Maja Rydman-von Wachenfeldt (nee Stenmann) (1911-1948) - Stockholm (1943), Modern konst i Malmö (Modern Art in Malmö) (1944), Konst-Hallen, Gothenburg (1945) - with Bertil Landelius (1912-1985), Skånska konstmuseum (Skåne Art Museum) in Lund (1945), Galerie Moderne annual 'Modern konst i Hemmiljö' (Modern Art in the Home) exhibition in Stockholm (1948) , Malmö Museum (1949), SDS-Centralen, Malmö (1951) and Lilla konstsalongen, Malmö (1956).

Notable group exhibitions include: 'Grupp' (Group), Malmö (1935) 'Twenty Swedish Painters', New York (1939), 'Skånska Målare' (Skåne painter), Gothenburg (1940), 'Tolv Skåningar' (Twelve castings), Galerie Moderne, Stockholm (1941), 'Nutida Svensk Konst' (Contemporary Swedish Art), Copenhagen (1942), 'Nordisk Konst' (Nordic Art), Gothenburg (1943), 'Tio Skånska Konstnärer' (Ten Scandinavian artists), Färg och Form, Stockholm (1944), 'Fem år Svensk Konst' (Five Years of Swedish Art) Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm (1945), The Nordic Art Association’s Exhibition, Oslo (1946), 'Skavanks Kunst' (Skavanks Art) Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (1946), 'Det Moderna Museet' (Modern Museum) Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm (1950), 'Skånekonstnärer' (Skane Artists) Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm (1951), 'Skånsk 1904-1954' at Skånska konstmuseum, Lund (1954),

The art critic H. Hedemann-Gade wrote in 'Sydsvenska Dagbladet' (22nd March 1954) that 'Larsson has emerged as one of the Skåne’s younger (1900s) generation’s most talented painters and finest colorists.'

Examples of Larsson's work are held in the collections of National Museum (Nationalmuseum) and Moderna Muséet (Modern Museum) in Stockholm, Malmö Museum, Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark), Copenhagen and Landskrona Museum, Sweden

Hans Sture Larsson died in Malmö in 1973, aged 63


Färg och Form (Colour and Shape) Gallery

Färg och Form was an exhibition space in Stockholm where artists were able to sell their works directly to buyers. Establised in 1932 by fourteen painters and sculptors, the original group included Bror Hjorth, Vera Nilsson, Sven Erixson and Gunnar Svenson. The gallery was named after the acclaimed (1913) overview of modern painting by the Swedish writer and critic August Brunius (1879-1926). In April 1935 the gallery was reported to the police for 'the wounding of discipline and morality'. The Gallery closed, after 70 years, in June 2002.

Hans Sture Larsson