Tore Wideryd 1908-1992

Oskar Tore Sigvard Wideryd was born in Stockholm on 22nd November 1908. He was a Swedish painter and commercial artist.

Wideryd was a self taught painter. Between 1924 and 1947 he worked as a draftsman and gravure printer. In 1947 Wideryd won a scholarship in a drawing competition organized by The Stockholm City Museum and Stockholms-Tidningen (Stockholm Times)' newspaper. Wideryd travelled to France in 1947, Spain in (anually between 1951 and 1955) and England in 1959.

Wideryd also worked in mosaic, most notably in Finspång (1955), and with Spanish inspired designs on the walls of the Carl-Edvin Sandberg designed apartment blocks in Bredäng (a suburb in south-west Stockholm) in 1964 and the Runöskolans (Runö college) at at Täljöviken, designed by architecty Axel Grape (1909-1970) in 1953

He had solo exhibitions in Stockholm in 1944, 1948, at Färg och Form (Color and Form) in 1953 and 1957. Group exhibitions include the Swedish Public Art Association Salons in Stockholm in 1950, 1952, 1954 and 1957, the Swedish association Konstmärernas exhibitions in the Konstakademien (1955 and 1957) and at the Stockholm Salons (Stockholmssalongerna) at Liljevalchs Konsthall (1960 and 1965), De Ungas Salong (The youth salon) in 1960 and 1961. Örebro (1947), Östersund (1950), at Gothenburg’s Lorensbergs Art Salon in Gothenburg (1951 and 1955), Skövde in 1952 and then again in 1954 with Esaias Thoren (1901-1981). Linköping (1954 and 1957), Sundsvall (1959) and Nyköping (1960)

He was is a member of the Artists’ National Organisation, Kinstnärskiubben in Stockholm and examples of his works are held at the National Museum, City Museum and Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm

Tore Wideryd died in Stockholm in 1992, aged 83.

Färg och Form (Colour and Shape) Gallery

Färg och Form was an exhibition space in Stockholm where artists were able to sell their works directly to buyers. Establised in 1932 by fourteen painters and sculptors, the original group included Bror Hjorth, Vera Nilsson, Sven Erixson and Gunnar Svenson. The gallery was named after the acclaimed (1913) overview of modern painting by the Swedish writer and critic August Brunius (1879-1926). In April 1935 the gallery was reported to the police for ‘the wounding of discipline and morality’. The Gallery closed, after 70 years, in June 2002.