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  • Muhammad Ali ~ Press Photo
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Press Photograph (1971)
Conviction of Draft Evasion Overturned
29th June 1971
Vintage Wire / Laserphoto
10 x 8 ins / 26 x 20 cms
Newspaper cutting and date stamp
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Additional Information

Caption Reads: (CX5) Chicago, June 28 - Ready for Action - Muhammad Ali, former heavy-weight champion raises a clenched fist during press conference Monday after learning of Supreme Court reversal of his conviction on charges of draft evasion. The court ruled Ali's "Beliefs are founded on tenets of the Muslim religion as he understands them." He is trainoing to fight Jimmy Ellis July 26 in Houston. (AP Wirephoto) (wb21117stf-cek) 1971.'

A wire / laserphoto is a generic term to describe a photographic image that has been transmitted (to the publication) via telegraph or telephone. The process was similar to sending and receiving a fax, where the photo was scanned in at one location, transmitted over 'the wire', and received at another location.