Lars Booberg 1925-2006

Lars Karl Henrik (Millhed) Booberg was born on 15th September 1925 in Jönköping, southern Sweden. He was a Swedish painter and school teacher.

Booberg studied at the Otte Sköld School of Painting, Stockholm (1945). The school was founded in 1929 by Åke Pernby (1902-1981) and Joseph Otte Sköld (1894-1957). In 1949 it became the Pernbys målarskola (Pernbys painting school). Booberg studied in Norway (1947) before returning to Sweden to become a Primary School teacher and marry Karin Elisabet Dahl.

Booberg first exhibited in Östersund in 1948. He participated 'Ung Konst' (Young Art) at the Östersund Museum (1949), a Summer Salon in Visby and exhibited annually with the Jämtland Art Culture Society (Sällskapet Jämtländsk Konstkultur).

We believe Booberg moved to Västerås (65 miles from Stockholm) in the early 1960s and that he died in 2006 aged 81.