Rosemary Grimble 1917-2013

The biography (below) is taken from the Zwemmer Gallery exhibition catalogue for their (September / October) 1958 exhibition Harlold Cheesman, John Verney, Rosemary Grimble, where Grimble exhibited twenty ink drawings (catalogue nos. 48 to 67)

"Rosemary Grimble was born and lived for nearly four years on Tarawa in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands. She was educated mainly in France and the West Indies and commenced her art training at the Central School of Arts, London where she studied for three years, afterwards taking a job as a typographer and layout artist. Later she became Art Editor of Housewife then assiatant Art Editor of Picture Post, at the same time doing freelance work as an illustrator.

In August 1944 she left London to rejoin her parents in the West Indies, where her father, Sir Arthur Grimble KCMG, who became famous following the publication of his book A Patter of Islands, was at that time Governor of the Windward Islands.

Rosemary Grimble left the West Indies in September 1948, spending a month in New York on the way home. From 1948 to 1956 she lived in Italy, Malta, South of France, London and Cyprus, and during this time continued drawing, illustrating books and writing. She is married to Adrian Seligman who is also a writer and they live at present in Wimbledon."


Rosemary Grimble's books include:

Jonothan and Large, Published by André Deutschin (1965)
Migrations, Myth and Magic From The Gilbert Islands, Published by Routledge & Kegan Paul Books (1972)
The Thief Catcher and Other Stories from Ethiopia, Published by André Deutsch Ltd (1974)

Rosemary Grimble died in London on 22nd April 2013