Arne Lindqvist 1927-2010

Arne Bertil Lindqvist was born in Lund on 23rd April 1927. He was a Swedish painter, illustrator, sculptor and designer.

Lindqvist attended the Craft Association¬ís school (Slöjdföreningens Skola), Gothenburg (1944-1946); the Academy of Fine Arts (Konstakademien), Helsinki where he studied sculpture and the Finnish Central School of Crafts (Finlands Centralskola för Konstflit) where he studied design (1949-1950). Lindqvist then travelled to the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain. Lindqvist also attended Bibliotheca Hertziana (Institute for Art History), Rome (1958-1959); trained as a conservator in Vienna (1959-1964) and studied archaeological conservation in Belgrade (1964). He was the director of Tomelilla Konsthall between 1971 and 1979 and manager of Galleri Tellus, Lomma (1979-1984)

Lindqvist first exhibited in Trelleborg (1955). He exhibited extensively within Sweden as well as abroad (England, Finland, Italy, Belgium and Austria).

Arne Lindqvist died on 7th October 2010, aged 83.