Lars Boëthius 1903-1968

Lars Daniel Boëthius was born in Stockholm on 23rd September 1903. He was a Swedish artist.

Boëthius attended Althins Målarskola, the Painting School established (in 1896) by the Swedish artist Caleb Althin (1866-1918) for a year in 1920 and Konstakademien (Academy of Fine Arts), Stockholm (1921-1923).

In the mid 1920s Boëthius was heavily influenced by the French post-impressionist painter Henri Rousseau (1844-1910). Boëthius exhibited at Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet (Swedish-French Art Gallery), Stockholm in 1927, 1928 and 1929. Established in 1918 by Gösta Olson (1883-1966) the gallery became the main dealer in twentieth-century art in Sweden. Bukowski's took over the auction side of the business in the early 1970s. In 1928, Boëthius exhibited alongside Sven Erixson (1899-1970) and Thorwald Alef (1896-1974)

Boëthius travelled to Paris in 1930.

Other exhibitions include Galerie Moderne, Stockholm (1933) and at Elsa Lindström's 'Modern Konst i Hemmiljö' (Modern art in the home), Storgatan 48, Stockholm in 1938 and 1940; Gävle (1942) and Örnsköldsvik (1945).

Examples of Boëthius' works are held in the collections of Moderna Muséet and Konstakademien, Stockholm; Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Malmö Museum and Norrköping Art Museum.

Lars Boëthius died in a fire at Visberg Castle Hotel, on 10th January 1968, aged 64.

Lars Boëthius