Gösta Granström 1908-1957

Gösta Granström was born on 31st July 1908 in Flen, Sweden. He was a Swedish painter.

After leaving school Granström worked as a decorator. Following a trip to Germany in 1927 Granström became increasingly interested in becoming an artist and undertook many European study trips (Finland, Portugal, England, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain) between 1933 and 1937

Granström first exhibited in Lisbon (1936). Other exhibitions include De Ungas Salong (Young People's Salon), Stockholm (1940, 1943 and 1945); Gummesons Konsthall, Stockholm (1947) and Södertälje (1948). Gummesons Gallery is one Scandinavia's foremost contemporary art galleries. Launched in 1912 by Carl Gummeson, a local book dealer, it quickly forged a reputation for supporting Modern Art.

Group exhibitions include the National Museum's 'God konst’ (1945) and the Swedish Association for the Performing Arts' traveling exhibition in Denmark (1946)

Examples of Granström’s works are held in the collections of Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) and Nationalmuseum (National Museum) in Stockholm

Gösta Granström died in Saltsjöbaden in 1957, aged 49.