Asta Krohn 1872-1951

Asta Krohn was born in Copenhagen on 6th July 1872. She was a Danish painter.

In 1904 Krohn moved to Paris. She returned to Denmark in 1910 and studied (1917-1918) under the Danish painter Harald Giersing (1881-1927) - Giersing was instrumental in developing the classic modernism movement in Denmark at this time. Krohn then travelled to Germany, France, Switzerland and Sweden before returning to Paris in the 1930s when she studied under Fernand Léger (1881-1955).

In 1898, Krohn married the Danish composer and zoologist Rudolph Sophus Bergh (1859-1924). Their marriage ended in April 1911. Krohn married the art historian and museum curator Mario Krohn (1881-1922) in August 1911.

Koran first exhibited in 1922 at the Free Exhibition Building (Den Frie Udstillings), Copenhagen alongside the Funen painters Alhed Larsen (1872-1927) and Christine Swane (1876-1960). She exhibited at Winkel & Magnussen, Copenhagen (1930) and at Bachs, Copenhagen (1938 and 1947). Group exhibitions include the Artists' Autumn Exhibition (Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling), Copenhagen (1919, 1922-23 and 1928), the Forårsudstilling (Spring Exhibition), Copenhagen (1934 and 1942).

Asta Krohn died in Lunde, Denmark on 9th June 1951, aged 78.