Tage Björk 1909-1980

Tage Waldemar Björk was born in Jämtland County on 13th October 1909. He was a Swedish painter and designer.

Björk was self-taught. He took study trips to Scotland (1947) and France and Holland (1948). He married Iris Jonsson in 1945.

Björk first exhibited in Stockholm in 1942. He exhibited there again in 1947 and in Östersund in 1948.

Group exhibitions include the HSB exhibition at the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (1944), The Stockholm Salons (Stockholmssalongerna) at Liljevalchs Konsthall (1945) and the Konstfrämjandet (The Art Promotion) exhibition which toured Stockholm, Halmstad and Gothenburg in 1949.

Tage Björk died in 1980, aged 71.