Lembit Nõmmeots 1906-1985

Lembit Nõmmeots was born in Tartu, Estonia on 6th May 1906. He was an Estonian-Swedish painter

Nõmmeots attended the Estonian State School of Art and Design (Riigi Kunsttööstuskoolis) (1923-1925), at the studio school (1925-1926) of the Estonian impressionist painter Ants Laikmaa (1866-1942) and Pallas Art School (Pallas Kunstikool) between 1926-1927 and 1929-1930.

In 1930, Nõmmeots moved to the Estonian island of Hiiumaa. He married Magda Felice Tõkke (the local school teacher) in 1932.

In October 1944, Nõmmeots and his family fled to Sweden. In 1962 they moved to Gothenburg and Nõmmeots set up his own gallery, Studio Galleri Mistral, where he exhibited and sold both his own and other Swedish artist's work.

Nõmmeots first exhibited in Sweden in 1948, with the Estonian artist Woldemar Tank (1903-1997) at the Halland Museum (Hallands Kulturhistoriska Museum). Other solo exhibitions include Borås Konstgalleri (1949), Hälsingborg (1952), Viskafors (1954), Borås (1957), Gällivare (1958) - with Dutch modernist painter Wim Bosma (1902-1985) and Umeå (1958). Group exhibitions include Copenhagen (1950), Canberra (1950), 'Esposizione Internazionale Di Arte Sacra', Rome (1950), Montreal (1951), Sydney (1951) and New York (1952).

Nõmmeots was alos a member of Association of New Artists (Föreningen Nya konstnärsgruppen) and exhibited with them in Borås (1956 and 1958). He is the father of the artist Nancy Nõmmeots (1933-2012)

Lembit Nõmmeots died in Gothenburg on 23 July 1985, aged 79.

Lembit Nõmmeots