Vasile (Louis) Zelig 1922-1993

Vasile (Louis) Zelig was born in Satu Mare, Romania on 18th September 1922. He was a Romanian / Swedish artist and designer.

Zelig attended the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. During WW2, Zelig was held prisoner at Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Belsen. In 1945 he emigrated to Sweden and studied at the Skåne Painting School (Skanska Målarskolan) in Malmö. In 1949 he married Gunnel Mattsson.

Zelig Exhibited extensively throughout Sweden (1948 to 1967) as well as exhibiting in Los Angeles (1959), Paris (1960), Portugal (1960), Palma (1962) and Málaga (1963).

Examples of Zelig¬ís work are held in the Trelleborgs Museum and institutions in Romania. There is a fresco 'Memory from Belsen' (1955) in the Värnamo City Hotel.

Vasile Zelig died in 1993, aged 70.