Gösta Sundvall 1900-1957

Nils Gustav (Gösta) Sundvall was born in Stockholm on 16th June 1900. He was a Swedish painter and designer.

Sundvall attended the Technical School (Tekniska skolan) in Stockholm (1916-20) before studying at Royal Swedish Academy of Arts (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) in Stockholm (1920-26). He travelled widely around Europe - Germany (1921), France (1921, 1947 and 1949), Spain (1936 and 1950-56), Italy, Morocco, Belgium, the Netherlands and Estonia. In 1935 he was awarded the Royal Academy’s (Kinmansons Fond) scholarship.

Sundvall exhibited annually (from 1933) at the Sveriges allmänna konstförenings (Sweden's General Art Association's) Stockholm salons. His first solo exhibition was at Fahlcrantz Konstsalong, Stockholm (1935). Other exhibitions include Elsa Lindström's annual 'Modern art in the Home' (Modern Konst i Hemmiljö) exhibition held at Galerie Moderne in Stockholm (1940), Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm (1945 and 1948), 'De Ungas' Salong (1946), Göteborgs Konsthall (1946), Lorensbergs Konstsalong, Gothenburg (1949 and 1953), Hemmiljö Konstnärshuset (1952), Torshälla (1952), Västerås and Gnesta (1955), Umeå (1956), Bor (1957). In 1958 a memorial exhibition was held at De Ungas Salong

Sundvall was a member of the (1938) group 'De Unga' (The Young) and was it’s chairman from 1946 and was also member of the Artists' Association and the Art Society (Konstnärer nas Riksorganisation and Konstnärsklubben) in Stockholm

Gösta Sundvall died in Stockholm on 14th October 1957, aged 57.

Examples of his work are held in the collections of the National Museum and Stockholm City Museum (Stockholms Stadsmuseum) and the Prins Eugene Waldemarsudde museum in Stockholm.

Gösta Sundvall