Axel Malmgren 1857-1901

Axel Petter Malmgren was born in Lund on 28th August 1857. He was a Swedish painter, teacher and restorer.

Malmgren attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Konstakademien) in Stockholm (1879-1883).

Malmgren then worked as a primary school teacher at the Katarina Folkskola (Katarina Folk School) in Stockholm (1883-1887) and (1889) before travelling to Munich to study picture restoration under Professor A. Hauser, returning in 1889 to work as a restorer at the National Museum in Stockholm.

Malmgren painted interiors and landscapes. Examples of his works are held in the collections of the Nationalmuseum and Kungliga Biblioteket (Royal Library) in Stockholm and Lund University Museum.

Axel Malmgren died in Enköping on 21st January 1901, aged 43.