Ib Andersen 1907-1969

Ib Andersen was born in Frederiksberg on 21st August 1907. He was a Danish artist, graphic designer and architect.

Andersen studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts (Kunstakademiet) in Copenhagen (1926-1929). Andersen then continued his studies for a year with architect Einar Backness (1879-1952), followed by a year with Poul Henningsen (1894-1967).

Andersen was the art editor of ‘Politiken’ magazine from 1934 until his death in 1969. As a commercial artist he illustrated numerous book covers and made a significant contribution to Danish poster design - Most notably his 'British Exhibition' (British udstilling) poster (1943), The Scandinavian Air Express (1933), Trivoli (1943), Danish Air Lines (1945) and Taxes from the Far East (Skatte fra det fjerne) in 1952

In 1952 Andersen worked with the Danish graphic designer Gunnar Biilmann Petersen (1897-1968) on a series of new bank notes (incorporating Danish landmarks) for Danmarks Nationalbank. For the banks’s second series of notes (in 1972), Andersen turned his attention to Danish wildlife and, as a result, had a pet squirrel at his Fredensborg studio for several years thereafter.

Andersen traveled widely. First to Brazil (1930 and 1933) and then, in 1946, at the request of the publisher Poul Westermann, Andersen embarked on a three year tour of the former Danish colonies for the book 'Our Ancient Tropical Colonies' (Vore Gamle Tropekolonier). Andersen visited the West Indies (St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John), the Gold Coast (Ghana) and India (Serampore and Tranquebar). 'Our Ancient Tropical Colonies' was published in two volumes (1952-1953). Andersen also spent time in London (1954 and 1957) and Ireland (1963).

Andersen exhibited throughout his life - Most notably at the Charlottenborg (1931), with the Grønningen (1933-40), Oslo (1948), Zürich (1951). A retrospective exhibition was held for him at The Danish Museum of Art & Design (Kunstindustrimuseet) in 1967
Andersen became a member of the Grønningen artist association in 1935

Ib Andersen died in Hillerød on 2nd April 1969, aged 61.