Hilding Eklund 1909-

Hilding Oskar Eklund was born in Alby, Medelpad, northern Sweden in 1909. He was a Swedish sculptor and artist.

Eklund studied under the Swedish artist and designer Edvin Ollers (1888-1959) at the Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm (Oilers taught at the Konstfack between 1911 and 1943). Edlund also studied in France and Holland.

As a sculptor, Edlund worked in both bronze and concrete. His works on paper were always small and detailed. He also produced woodcuts.

Eklund was included in a group exhibition of works from the Sundsvall Museum's collections, curated by Daniel Unni in 2011. The other artists included in this exhibition were Helmer Osslund (1866-1938), Sigrid Hjertén (1885-1948), Leander Engström (1886-1927), Hilding Eklund (1909 - unknown) Sune Blomqvist (1919-1989), Olle Mattsson (1904-1976) and Kalle Hedberg (1894-1959).

Public works included 'Ether Messenger' (Eterns Budbärare), a sculpture that once stood at the entrance to the radio broadcasting station in Antennvägen, Råsta, just outside Sundsvall. It has since been re-located to Ljustadalens Valley, Sundsbruk.

Hilding Eklund is often confused with (and his works catalogued as being by) the Finish Architect Hilding Ekelund (1893-1984).