Tatiana Sinelnikov 1917-1976

Tatiana (Tanja) Olga Sinelnikov was born in Copenhagen on 19th November 1917. She was a Swedish painter, animator, graphic designer and teacher.

Sinelnikov was of Russian-Jewish descent. It is likely that her parents, Grigori Sinelnikov and Katya Sommelius were part of the Ashkenazic immigration to Sweden (from Russia and Poland) between 1850 and 1920.

Sinelnikov attended a commercial art school (Reklam Konstskola) in Stockholm and, in the mid 1930s, worked for briefly at Nordiska Kompaniet under the Swedish furniture designer Alex Einar Hjort (1888-1959). Sinelnikov then spent a couple of years at the Tekniska Skolan (Technical School) in Stockholm before it became the Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) in 1945.
In 1949, Sinelnikov spent a year in Paris were she studied under the French sculptor, painter, teacher and writer André Lhote (1885-1962).

Sinelnikov took study trips to Corsica (1950) and the French Riviera (1951), Spain (1953 and 1956) and Greece (1957).

Sinelnikov was a regular exhibitor (from 1939) at the Helsingborg Art Union exhibition in Helsingborg and Swedish Public Art Society (Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening - SAK). She exhibited at Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm (1954) and the ‘Nordvästens’ exhibitions at the Gröningen, Helsingborg (1961 and 1962). Sinelnikov’s solo exhibitions include an Art Salon in Helsingborg (1952), in Bern, Switzerland (1953), Galeria Buchholtz, Madrid (1954) and the Sturegallerian, Stockholm (1958).

Tatiana Sinelnikov died in 1976, aged 58.