lb Tollberg 1911-1984

Carl lb Tollberg was born in Furulund, southern Sweden on 9th December 1911. He was a Swedish painter.

Tollberg originally trained as a pastry chef (1926-1928), but after a chance meeting with the Swedish artist and writer Ernst Norlind (1877-1952) at his home in Borgeby Castle (in Skåne) he became Norlind’s studio assistant (1936-1940). The modernist painter Axel Törneman (1880-1925) frequently visited the Norlind family at Borgeby Castle during that period.

In 1942 Tollberg attended the Skåne painting School (Skånska målarskolan) in Malmö and an the Académie Libre when it was founded in 1946. The Académie Libre was a Swedish art school in Stockholm. It was founded by a group of concretistic artists and it’s teaching staff included Lennart Rodhein (1916-2005), Pierre Olofsson (1921-1996), Georg Suttner (1922-2014) and Evert Lundquist (1904-1994). The school closed in 1957.

Tollberg married Sigrid (Si) Amanda Sophia Schager in 1944. They made numerous trips to France and Spain between 1949 and 1959.

Tollberg’s first solo exhibition was in Malmo in 1944. He then exhibited alongside (fellow Skåne painting School student) Fabian Lundqvist (1913-1989) at the Killbergs Konstsalong (Killbergs Art Salon) in Hälsingborg, southern Sweden in 1944. Tollberg exhibited in Olofström and again in Hälsingborg in 1945, 1948 and 1964.

Group exhibitions include the Swedish Public Art Association's exhibition (Sveriges Allmänna Konstforenings) in Karlstad in 1948, and a series of exhibitions by the Hälsingborgs Art Association (early 1950s to mid 1960s), the Northwest Skåne Artist Club's (Nordvästra Skånes konstnärsklubbs) and the Autumn Salons (Höstsalongern) in Helsingborg between 1960 and 1966.

We believe Tollberg moved to Spain in the early 1970s

Examples of Tollberg’s work are can be seen in the Malmö and Helsingborg museums as well as in the Edstrandska collection in Malmö.

Ib Tollberg died in 1984, aged 73.

lb Tollberg